Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

We believe that Google’s pay per click ad system is perfect for businesses who want to operate under the OpEx model. Paying for a service as you use it creates a level of efficiency that translates to more significant financial benefits. Google is the most popular search engine globally, so getting a successful ad on a platform with that kind of reach is a big deal.

The Google ad workflow has three essential elements. The first is creating is the ad. Tone, design, and phrasing are three critical aspects to doing this right. With our industry experience, we can steer you in the right direction where all three categories are concerned.

Once the ad has been designed, the next step is to identify the target audience. Instead of using demographics as another platform would, Google uses relevant keywords to identify your niche. We can help you identify the most applicable keywords based on your business’ nature and needs through comprehensive keyword analysis.

The pay per click system allows you to stay within your intended budget by providing you with the opportunity to set a maximum. There is a daily and monthly sum, and the system never allows you to go over the monthly maximum.

These ads are intended to get your clients to act, and the platform can market things a bit differently depending on the goal you select. There are campaigns designed to improve sales, increase leads, or gain increased website traffic.

As you’d expect, there’s progress tracking at play, so you can see how well your ad is doing, and you can adjust as necessary to maintain or improve your success rate.

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