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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Most people searching the web don’t scroll past the top 3 results. In fact, a survey was done that stated that 75.1% of clicks were done for the top 3 sites listed on any given search. That leaves 24.9% for everyone else. It is imperative for your business to be listed high in order to garner traffic at a high volume.

Search Engine Optimization is the science and technique of making your website a recommended target for various searched phrases and keywords. The idea is to have your website at the forefront of various searched queries in order to boost customers and increase sales and revenue. Citations and Backlinks are also vital to boosting your site and helping your organic rankings in these targeted keywords and phrasing. Our goal is not to help you match your competition, but to beat your competition, thus giving your business the opportunity to land more customers and add steady earnings. This process is time consuming and needs to be maintained and continued to stay ahead of those with the same goals in mind.

Our goal in SEO is always Quality and Quantity. We want those consumers ready to buy and actively looking to partake in your company’s goods or services and we want as many as we can get. We do this by analyzing the search volume and pick words and phrases that best suit your business, as well as what words and phrases will most likely lead to customers which will in turn add to better sales and volume. We also increase the amount of flow to your site by adding backlinks (links back to your site) from various sites and citations (the amount of times your company’s name, address, and telephone number is listed). We continue to add and increase traffic when we maintain your SEO in order to stay ahead of those looking to overtake us in the rankings.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

Are we the best SEO company? While we’re not strictly an SEO company by nature, we value the importance of SEO and its associated principles in driving site traffic and audience engagement. We offer a slew of SEO services based on research and current trends that some of the most successful web pages use to build their audiences and grow their businesses.

We understand the SEO meaning to your cause, and we understand how it can contribute to an organic website ranking for your page. To this end, we do competitor analysis, keyword research, content analysis, copywriting, etc., to improve your web presence and to keep you as close to the top as possible in the most relevant searches.

Our business model may not be focused on purely search engine optimization, but this allows our customer the opportunity to get all their needs serviced in a single location. Let our experts and SEO specialists maintain and build up your website while you build up your business and focus on all your new customers!


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