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Google My Business

2 Trillion searches a year, 5.6 Billion a day, 228 Million an hour, and 3.8 Million a minute. This is the amount of traffic and volume that Google gets from individuals searching for businesses such as yours. And at the top of every one of those searches are Maps with business locations and info. Having your business up there can be invaluable to establishing a flow of steady traffic to your site and thus building your monthly income.

Google Maps allow you the opportunity to include your business name, website, contact info and information about your business and the goods or services that you provide. It allows your business the opportunity to take up a large portion of that front page with your business information.

Google My Business

Another great advantage to using this service is the availability to include photos which sets your business apart from the rest. When people look at the map your photos pop up that help your business stand out versus other similar businesses in the area. 

There is also a place for reviews which helps increase your likelihood to organically rank your site. And many consumers base their decisions on the reviews that they read and the star rating that your business has online. Researching and making decisions based on the info they received from Google Maps and the information available.

Don’t let your business be left behind! Let us create and maintain your GMB (google my business) to ensure that you are staying at the front of your competitors. 

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