Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

Using social media can have a major impact on your business. Around 80 percent of the US population uses Social Media and globally that number is 49% of users. Meaning 265 Million Americans use Social Media and 3.8 Billion people globally. These are all potential customers that are waiting to be exposed to your goods and services.

Facebook has been an invaluable source of marketing for many business due to the ability to reach targeted consumers. Many businesses have a specific targeted customer and Facebook allows us to target those individuals and market directly to them, bypassing those that may not have need of your services. For instance, an individual who rents a house would not need to look for a plumber because any issues that arise would be the responsibility of the landlord. The homeowner (or the landlord) in this scenario would be the one that we target due to their potential need for a plumber. Our goal is to target that landlord and bypass the renter in hopes of maximizing our marketing campaign and increasing our ROI (return of investment).

Facebook also allows the ability to determine how much money we want to spend daily on ads and utilize that in order to hit more people over time and not everyone all at one. Thus ensuring that your ad and campaign run longer and are seen by more people over time.

The type of Ad and varying the Ad from time to time to ensure that buyers see something new and actively draw their attention takes maintenance and constant evaluation. Let us help you develop, maintain, and maximize your social media campaign!

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