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Website Development

We aim to strike a perfect balance by blending listening and understanding your needs with making the recommendations that we think would align perfectly with your objectives. The former is more important to us, as or satisfaction is measured in terms of your happiness and the website’s eventual performance.

Web Design Services Plan

Once we have spent the time discussing with you and have a solid confirmation of what you need, then a website designer on our team can begin to lay things out. Even at this point, we don’t intend to leave you out of the process. We go beyond keeping you in the loop as we foster continuous communication, so that the eventual product reflects what you conceptualized. Only then can we be proud of the web design services we provide. The next step is the development phase, where we bring code and various tools together to get to a functioning website progressively. We pride ourselves on being a standout web development company, which comes from experience and a desire to maximize customer satisfaction.

With the website development completed, we go through extensive testing and review, as well as implementing various techniques to create greater engagement on the site.

Website Redesign

Not everyone who comes to us wants a website built from the ground up. You may have an existing website that may not be performing well, or it may be dated for your industry’s modern requirements. In those cases and more, website redesign becomes necessary.

We begin by evaluating the current design of your pages. Studies show that most persons prefer to consume visually compelling content with images and videos, instead of reading too many text lines. The way the brain works is the major contributing factor to that equation. It is more likely to focus on an aesthetically pleasing stimulus that requires less effort to understand. Content is extremely important but if the website is not aesthetically appealing, consumers may try another site and company. Our goal is to make your website the best of both worlds.

Redesign of your platform includes improving its visual appeal and various features that may be missing, which has positive implications for its performance. Some sites have a larger span than others, and we are willing to take them all on. So, if you have three web pages or 30, you can still rely on us for a full redesign.

Various quality of life changes, including better search engine marketing campaigns, form the plan that we execute in breathing new life into your web presence.

The services that we provide to help with this goal include CMS integration, top-tier copywriting, web design, third-party integration configuration, database integration, e-commerce implementation, display optimization, etc.

Website Maintenance and SEO

To your website users, it may often seem as if you create it and forget it. However, if you take that approach behind the scenes, you may be damaging your web presence more than you realize. Website maintenance is a critical component in fostering the best possible experience for your end-users. We provide a host of maintenance type services using SEO strategies to keep things running smoothly and adapt your website as new standards and technologies emerge.

Updates arguably form the most significant piece of the puzzle here. Apart from improving site efficiency, updating helps patch vulnerabilities and other exploits that malicious entities may want to take advantage of.

You wouldn’t want control of your site to fall into the wrong hands, so mitigating that risk is always a good idea. Another element of the update package is content updates. As times change or your service catalog changes, you may want information added or removed, which we can do for you.

Backup management is another important one, as it involves retaining the information and site configurations in a separate location. There is no telling what may happen to your primary site, and if there is no backup to fall on, you could end up in a dire situation. Even websites that belong to the largest of companies must be protected in this manner.

We can also assist with monitoring services that use a series of KPIs to evaluate where you stand. Social media ads may be one of your sources of engagement. If you want us to help you understand where elements, such as Facebook ads, fit into your performance and how your strategy can be modified for better results, we can do that for you.

General support is also a service we can provide. You can contact us to address user access problems, site errors, web hosting concerns, or if things seem to go completely offline. We can even provide system training to help you understand things better.


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